valley-of-the-sunsWhile I’ve enjoyed breaking into my sports writing career in Provo, Utah, I didn’t want to become pigeon-holed as a “local Utah sports guy.” I wanted to make sure my experience and connections were a little broader.

I lucked out after randomly renewing contact with an old acquaintance of mine, who I’d known while blogging about the Suns during my college days. He’s in charge of a blog called, now part of the Truehoop blog network.

I couldn’t believe my luck when he said I’d contacted him just when they were needing another contributor.

While exposure is the only pay, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity for both that and the chance to keep my Suns voice honed.  As Erika said when I told her about it, “You love writing about the Suns.”

The assignments are voluntary, meaning it’s very flexible with my work schedule. For where Erika and I are at in our lives, it couldn’t be a better setup.

Here’s a couple links to my first two articles.

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